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Premium Package

  • Thatch buildup, soil compaction and lack of nutrients are conditions that can cause lawns to struggle. When they are severe, they can ruin a lawn. Luckily, these problems that can be resolved by dethatching, aeration and overseeding.
  • We will perform lawn dethatching and lawn aeration for up to 6500 sq. ft. of turf.

    1.- We will dethatch your lawn first.

    2.- All debris resulted from dethatching will be collected.

    3.- We will aerate your lawn with a professional lawn aerator.

    4.- We will overseed your lawn with a premium professional seed (2-4 lbs per 1000 sq ft rate).

    5.- Walkways, driveways and entry ways will be blown free of debris, soil cores are left on the ground after aeration to allow natural decomposition.

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