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Our company is based in Joliet, Illinois, We have been in business for over 4 years. We serve the east side and west side of Joliet. We have been working with various businesses and residential customers since we first started and continues to grow. We have been known for one of the best companies in the area.

Lawn mowing service in Joliet

lawn mowing jolietMowing includes cutting the lawn, edging of sidewalks, trimming and blowing. Grass clippings can be collected for an extra fee. Our mowing schedule for Joliet is almost everyday, you can schedule today and most likely get services today or tomorrow. We work from 7am to 6pm Monday - Saturday. Mowing starts at $30, Give us a call to provide you with a precise estimate.

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Joliet core aeration service

Core aeration services are offered during the spring and Fall. We recommend this service at least once a year and twice a year for very compacted lawns. This service starts at $59 dls and includes front, sides and back of your lawn. Core plugs are left on the grass to allow natural decomposition, they contain nutrients.

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We only use commercial professional equipment.

Our plugs are one of the biggest.

We are licensed and insured.

We take our time to do the Job.

Joliet mulch, Compost and Top Soil

Mulching service is available for delivery and installation in the Joliet East and West side area. Our most common mulch is the brown mulch or better known as chocolate mulch.

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Choose from brown mulch, red mulch, gold (orange) mulch, chocolate mulch, premium hardwood mulch, black mulch, top soil, dirt and even mushroom compost for your garden. Please check our mulch description  in detail for more information. Start your Spring with a fresh, colorful  mulch installation with the best quality in the Chicago area that will last longer than our competitors.

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Joliet fertilizer

We offer a 6 step program with weed control, pre-emergent and winterizer. Our services are guaranteed to produce results or your money back. Our fertilizer program will help to:

  • Have a vibrant green color.
  • Have more grass density (reduce bare spots).
  • Stimulate faster growth.
  • Develop resistance to pest and stress conditions.
  • Reduce stress due to high traffic or temperatures.
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We will apply quality and safe products to your lawn, products by John Deere landscapes (Lesco).


Our products are safe for your family and pets. We use Organic products like Milorginate to reduce the amount of chemicals in our environment. 

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Results can be reached within weeks after first application. 


Guaranteed results just like any other of our services.

Not every fertilizer is same because not all the lawns are the same. We use the norm in the industry known as NPK ratios. Where N (Nitrogen) makes grass plants to grow and be greener, P phosphorus stimulates root and seedling development (great when overseeding) and K potassium which promotes tolerance against disease and drought. Our licensed technician will apply the most accurate fertilizer based on your current lawn conditions.

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Joliet Lawn maintenance hours of operation

Our hours are Monday to Saturday from 7 am to 6 pm. We accept most types of payments (credit cards, checks, money orders, online payments). Call us at (815) 846 4228 to receive a FREE no obligation quote.

You can count on other services like power raking / dethatching, Slit seeding (slice seeding), Spring and Fall clean ups, edging, Soil testing, Grub control, pest control, weekly lawn maintenance, shrub and tree care, patios, retaining walls, tree planting.