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    Bolingbrook lawn care service

    Lawn renovation, mowing, aeration, fertilizer.

  • bolingbrook lawn care

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    Commercial and residential.

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We offer  full landscape maintenance, landscaping, lawn mowing, tree service, tree pruning, garden design, landscape architecture, lawn renovation like aeration, detahtching, power rake, seeding, overseeding, lime applications, fertilization and weed control. We are a licensed contractor in Bolingbrook, Illinois.

Bolingbrook Lawn Maintenance and Mowing service

The most basic landscape maintenance of all its cutting the grass, We can help with our Weekly, bi-weekly and one time mowing plans. Mowing includes cutting of the grass, edging of sidewalks, trimming and blowing. Clippings are left on the lawn (they provide natural nutrients) or can be bagged for an extra fee. Grass cutting is done from Monday to Saturday 8 am - 6 pm.

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Bolingbrook lawn aeration service

Aeration or better known as core aeration is the process of removing plugs from the soil in your lawn with the purpose of allowing water, air, fertilizer and other nutrients to penetrate into the root system. Our lawn core aeration service is performed in the spring and fall. Most lawns will benefit from it as it is considered a yearly maintenance technique. There is no need for you to rent an aerator at a rental place, around $60 for 2 hours plus gas, time and effort. We do the service for a little less than $60 for up to 7000 sq ft. We only use professional core aerators. Overseeding and fertilizer can be added the same day of aeration.

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Bolingbrook mulching service (mulch delivery and installation)

Mulching service is available for commercial and residential customers, We deliver and install different types of mulch, please check our Bolingbrook mulching service to check mulch colors and types. Mulch enhances your landscape, provides longer moisture to plants and trees, provide delicious smells depending of the type of mulch and reduces surrounding temperature during hot days. We can provide landscape clean up before installing mulch like removing weeds, trimming of the bushes, installation of the weed cover (weed barrier) and edging of the flower beds and gardens. We also offer mushroom compost, garden compost, top soil and dirt delivery and installation.

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Bolingbrook fertilizer companies

There are lots of fertilizer companies in Bolingbrook to choose from. We have a 6 step fertilizer program specially designed to the area which includes 6 fertilizer applications, pre emergent in the spring, FREE weed control and winterizer. Grub control, deep root fertilization and fungicide applications are also offered, We only use the best and safest commercial products available.

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Bolingbrook landscaping

We are a licensed Bolingbrook landscaping contractor. We do landscape design, construct repair and maintenance. Patios, retaining walls, garden design, landscape architecture, built in grills, mail boxes, fire pits, tree care, tree trimming, shrub trimming, mulching,brick work, flower bed design and maintenance. please give us a call to provide you with a free estimate.

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Bolingbrook treatment companies

Our hours of operation are Monday to Saturday from 7 am to 5 pm. We accept most types of payments (credit cards, checks, money orders, online payments). Call us at (815) 846 4228 to receive a FREE no obligation quote. We offer the Honest Price Policy : NO hidden fees. NO forced upgrades. and TAX is included in our pricing. We are rated one of the best Bolingbrook best lawn and landscape companies. Our menu of services includes grass cutting, core aeration, Organic fertilizer, Power rake, grub prevention and control, weed prevention, seed (best quality grass seed), compost, mushroom compost, top soil, dirt, mulch, spring and fall clean ups.

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