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Yard of Mulch

  • The best time-saving measure is applying mulch. This goes for every garden site, from vegetable garden to flower bed. Mulched gardens are healthier, more weed free, and more drought-resistant then unmulched gardens, so you'll spend less time watering, weeding, and fighting pest problems.

    Full mulch description.

  • TIP
    : A landscape fabric (weed barrier) and edging of the flower beds can be perform before installing mulch. Please call us for an estimate.


    1. We will install your choice of color mulch (Choose your mulch color below).

    2. Mulch will be evenly pour in flower beds and trees at your desired depth rate (1 to 3 inches normally).

    2. Walkways and entry ways will be blown free of mulch debris.

  • Please select a service date in the cart page, We will confirm via email if available or notify you with alternative dates. You are welcome to call us at (815) 846-4228 or text us.

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