5 Shocking Facts on Mulching

April 05, 2015

5 Shocking Facts on Mulching - How to properly mulch


  1. “Mulch volcano” is the improper mulching technique used by many homeowners and landscapers.
  2. Placing the mulch to close to the bark or stem can lead to rotting of the trunk, pests, and even unwanted diseases.
  3. By piling up the mulch like a volcano around the trunk of tree it can prevent the moisture to reach the roots of the tree/shrub.
  4. By applying it 3-4 inches away from the bark, you can avoid the “mulch volcano” effect.
  5. Finally mulch should be refreshed each year to keep it looking neat, and avoiding discoloration in the flowerbed appearance.



A layer of mulch properly placed on a planting bed helps suppress weeds, retain moisture, and moderate soil temperature, if placed properly. Mulch also encourages the activity of beneficial soil organisms. Now it's time to decorate, and all across the United States the decorating material of choice is mulch. What color will you choose?

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