Tips to help your lawn and garden during winter.

February 11, 2016

If you had a chance to have your lawn winterized for it's dormant stage go ahead and give yourself a pat in the back. Your lawn is probably thanking you right about now. As the weather gets chillier by the day, it is essential that you care for your lawn not only in the spring and summer. A few tips might help you pamper your lawn right before the first snow fall comes in:

  1. If you haven't yet try to pick up as much leaves and debris (old branches, twigs) from the ground. Old leaves can cause fungus if left to rot on top of the lawn, and will block any sunlight that tries to reach the grass blades.
  2. Cover your garden beds,bushes, and shrubs with burlap to provide extra protection during those chilly winter months.
  3. Avoid walking on your frozen lawn as it causes bare spots that will not disappear until the end of winter dormancy. Consider putting garden furniture and grills away, if you don't, you may discover dead spots in the grass next spring.
  4. Shut off all outdoor water systems completely and allow enough time for drainage, avoid pipe breakage in the middle of a blistering cold winter.
  5. Prepare your have your lawn renovated as soon as possible in the spring to rejuvenate it from the winter months. Aerating, detaching, over seeding, and fertilizing can be beneficial if it was not done in the fall.

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